About Brent

Skill. Imagination. Craftsmanship.

Brent Yonker

Brent Yonker… a Western Michigan native. Skill, imagination and craftsmanship make my custom handmade wood pieces unique works of art. A family-owned company with a mission to provide you with the highest quality, handmade wood furniture by a craftsmen who takes pride in the traditions of my craft. I know you will be delighted by the performance of my products.

Experience the pride of owning custom woodwork for yourself.

My goal is to make quality products with dedication to detail. I am more  concerned about my reputation as a craftsman than profits or quick production. Once your project is started, I will keep you updated on my progress. I frequently will e-mail project updates, and you can view photos of your project on my Facebook page. Some projects take a long time to complete, but please be patient. I will not compromise quality or cut corners just to get a project out the door. It’s done once. It’s done right.


To go above and beyond the customer’s expectations when creating a unique,  custom, handmade piece of furniture.


I invite you to stop by my woodshop and experience the look, feel, quality and comfort of one of these handmade pieces. Sit in one of my chairs. You will experience superior lumbar support that will cradle your body like nothing you have ever felt. But whether it is a chair, a table or bench, you will be astonished by the comfort and strength of each and every piece. You can be confident that your piece will last for generations. I guarantee it.




Fremont, Michigan